Mission Control For Business - Accounting For Less

Every business needs a mission control, and that’s where your FreeAgent dashboard comes in. It gives you an up-to-date overview of your accounts, and tracks all your key figures in real-time. At a glance, see how much is coming in and going out of your business, with a breakdown of your cashflow, and use the invoice timeline to see which invoices are paid, due or overdue.

Your dashboard gives you an overview of your current estimates, projects and timeslips. You can even see your individual bank account balances, and an aggregated view of how much you have in the bank in total. Keep an eye on your expenses and bills, and view your profit and loss using the real-time widget. With your tax timeline, you should never miss another tax deadline. See your upcoming dates for Self-Assessment, VAT, corporation tax and payroll, and even how much you need to pay.