Record A Mileage Claim In FreeAgent - Accounting For Less

In this video, I’m going to explain how to record a mileage claim in FreeAgent. Before you get started, it’s worth making sure that the cost you’re about to record is a mileage claim and not a travel expense. A mileage claim relates to travel you’ve undertaken yourself using your own vehicle. A travel expense relates to travel you’ve undertaken using public transport or a taxi, and should be recorded as a standard expense in FreeAgent. To create a new claim for mileage, navigate to My Money > Expenses on the Overview screen, or Expenses if you are a sole trader with no staff, and select Add New Mileage. You can also select New Mileage from the Quick Links menu on the Overview screen.

Once you’ve set up the new mileage claim, you need to provide some information about it. First of all, enter the date you incurred the mileage claim, and the total number of miles that you travelled. Enter a description and provide as much detail as possible, including the reason for the journey. Select the type of vehicle you used to incur the mileage claim from the dropdown menu. If your business is going to pay you back for this mileage at HMRC’s approved rates, select this option from the dropdown menu. If the business isn’t going to pay you back, select ‘Don’t reclaim, just rebill’. If you are VAT registered and have a fuel receipt that covers the mileage that you are claiming here, tick the checkbox and select the fuel type and engine capacity of your vehicle. FreeAgent will work out the amount of VAT you can reclaim.

If your mileage claim relates to a particular Project, choose it from the dropdown menu. To rebill the mileage to your client, select Yes and enter the rebill rate that you have agreed with your client. If this is a recurring mileage claim, choose the appropriate timescale from the dropdown menu. FreeAgent will automatically generate this mileage claim at the chosen intervals until your specified end date. If you want the mileage claim to recur indefinitely, just leave the end date blank. If you have a receipt for your lineage claim, upload a scanned image of it or a photo of it taken from your camera or smartphone, and enter a description.

Once you’ve entered all this information, select Create New Expense, or if you have other mileage to add, hit Create and Add Another. Repeat these steps until you’ve entered all your own mileage claims.